Friday, May 7, 2021

Mother's Day Gift Guide

 Ok friends. Who needs some last minute ideas on Mother's Day gifts? Either for your own mom or to send to your kids/husbands? I've got you covered! I'm going to give you five things moms really want for Mother's Day.


 Flowers, trees, etc. Hanging flower baskets are always a great idea this time of year. They make any space look instantly more beautiful. Or maybe there's a special tree or bush she's been talking about planting. Japanese Maple, Cherry blossom, Lilac bush, Azaleas...if you're not sure, plan a little trip to the local nursery and let her pick something out...or hack her Pinterest account and see what she's been saving. I'm telling you, you CANNOT go wrong with some sort of flower gift.

2. A DAY AT THE SPA Or part of a day...moms work harder than most people realize. We also tend to put ourselves last. Which is why it's so nice to receive a gift that recognizes our desire to be taken care of occasionally. 

Maybe right now your mom isn't comfortable going to a spa. Or maybe you live long distance. No problem! Hop on Amazon and snag her this massager! I actually ordered this for my husband for Christmas and I use it just as much as, if not more, than he does. 


Essential Oils are all the rage right now. I personally only use Young Living due to them being the best quality I've found because of their Seed to Seal standard. This kit makes you a Young Living member which means you get 24% off all their products. No monthly fee!! We use their plant based cleaning supplies, personal care products, supplements, and obviously the oils. You don't have to sell (you can if you want but it doesn't affect your membership if you don't). In fact I don't really do the business side, we just use the products. but you're still welcome to sign up through me if you don't know anyone else. I have an amazing team I'm part of that will help you learn all about the products.

  • Desert Mist™ Diffuser
  • Premium essential oils collection:
    • Frankincense, 5 ml Lavender, 5 ml
    • Lemon Vitality™, 5 ml
    • Peppermint Vitality™, 5 ml
    • Citrus Fresh™ Vitality, 5 ml
    • DiGize™ Vitality™, 5 ml
    • PanAway®, 5 ml
    • Peace & Calming®, 5 ml
    • Raven™, 5 ml
    • Stress Away™, 5 ml
    • Thieves® Vitality™, 5 ml
    • Valor®, 5 ml
  • AromaGlide™ Roller Fitments, 2 ct.
  • NingXia Red® 2 oz. samples, 2 ct.
  • Thieves® Spray, 1 oz.
  • Thieves® Waterless Hand Sanitizer, 1 oz.
  • Essential oil display tray
  • Essential Oils at a Glance brochure
  • Essential Edge News
  • Essential Oils magazine
  • Product Guide


Seriously! Make dinner or help in the garden or around the house without complaining. Smaller kids spend time making a special craft. Whatever giving your time looks like in your life and family, do it, she's appreciate it!


Dads, grab the kids and head to grandma's for a while. Or kick mom out the door for some time outside the house by herself. Ask her which she would prefer!! Emphasis on asking. Sometimes we want time alone to read or watch a show uninterrupted and sometimes we need to go explore the stores alone. 


All moms really want is to feel seen. Many of the day to day things we do aren't noticeable and that's ok. We do them out of love not need for recognition. But Mother's Day is a great time to remind the moms in your life that you see them and are thankful for them.  

-buy her those cute pajamas she's been talking about

-plan a get together with her friends she keeps saying she misses

-book a photographer for updated family photos she keeps saying you need

-take her to get a pedicure - sandal season is upon us

-write her a sweet note or handmade card

-help her with a project she keeps saying she wants to do

Don't overthink it. it doesn't have to be hard or expensive. Just from the heart. ❤

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