Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Toddler Girl and Toddler Boy Bedrooms

Yesterday I deep cleaned my kids bedrooms. Washed all the bedding, curtains, wiped down baseboards, walls, dusted, put a fresh coat of paint on my daughters on the list is update photos, touch up paint and clean the windows (we have old wood windows so you have to wait until outside temp is just right otherwise you get condensation and streaking). 

Anyways, since everything is looking fresh, I thought I'd share some of the details. Their rooms are always evolving as they grow and have new interests, which honestly, any chance to redecorate, move furniture, etc, and I'm all in! But so much of their stuff has been gathered over time to stay budget friendly. I usually have Pinterest boards dedicated to each room, these serve as rough design boards, but I do love the "Shop" feature because it allows me to add specific things I can buy directly when we have some budget flexibility. 

First up is my daughters room. She just turned 5! She loves pink, dinosaurs, babies, barbies, unicorns, books, and she recently got to have her very own pet in her room! 

Both kids beds have these guardrails from Amazon that are breathable mesh and can fold down when you want to make the bed.

Bed frame is Crate and Kids Jenny Lind Platform bed

Dinosaur sheets - Pillowfort from Target
Comforter - Bare Home from Target.
Pink Blanket - Bare Home from Walmart
Curtains - Pillowfort from Target
Table is thrifted and painted in chalk paint
Rainbow pillow - H&M
Unicorn head - Target

Grandma rocking chair - FB Marketplace
Wool ball garland - Crate and Kids
Horse canvas - Hobby Lobby
Dinosaur head - H&M
Rug - Wayfair (Brandt collection)
Wall color is Sea Cove by Valspar - it's the faintest minty green.

And this little guy is a Halfmoon Double Tail Betta fish. My daughter named him Unicorni

The dresser is favorite find from FB Marketplace. She has a massive walk-in closet with open shelving and drawers, so we use this dresser for toy storage.

We love using our essential oils for sleep support.

Rainbow light and Star light are from Target
Belle' dress in shadowbox was handmade by her Nonna for her first Halloween because her FAVORITE movie at the time was Beauty and the Beast.

Next up in my sons bedroom. He recently turned 3 and loves dinosaurs, monster trucks, tractors, Paw Patrol, etc, etc, etc. I would love any combination of kids, but I do love having one of each because it allows me to decorate their rooms very differently. 

Dinosaur head - H&M
Wool ball garlands - World Market
Fun fact - the white stuffed dog was my favorite lovey when I was little.
Don't wake the Bear sign - Hobby Lobby
Bed frame - Wayfair
Curtains - Pillowfort from Target
Dinosaur sheets - Pillowfort from Target
Comforter - Bare Home from Target
Green blanket - Bare Home from Walmart

Bear head - Target
Toy storage - Target
Dinosaur light - Target

Hopefully we are redoing the plank wall and using bead board. The wall underneath was damaged by bookshelves the previous owners basically had glued to the wall. So rather than re-drywalling, we quickly made this a plank accent wall. The problem is that it's bowing badly.

Wall colors are Celebration Blue and City Storm - Valspar 

His room is just so cozy to me. We love to all snuggle up in this chair and read before bed. My husband and I both love Star you'll notice a slight Star Wars theme in both rooms on top of the things they love.

Dinosaur blanket - Little Unicorn

His favorite movie is The Lion King so I had a friend make that Mufasa art out of wool (her specialty- she has a business called All Wooled Up - she makes all kinds of unique things!) I still need to put it in a shadowbox...

So many of the items on their shelves have been passed down from great grandparents; the ducks, tractors, princess figurines, seashells collected from vacations...everything has it's own special meaning. 

That's it! Luckily they both have very nice size closets...because there are more toys in them...they have a lot of grandparents who love to spoil them! 😊💗

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